ADHD Coaching

Cultivate clarity, calm & success with strategies that work for ADHD

In a world where nearly every piece of information and self-help is available at a touch of a button you don’t need more information you need a personalised journey backed by proven processes to help you overcome what is holding you back in life. That’s where coaching comes in. Life is hard and our focus often ends up being on the wrong things (especially with ADHD). What if you could focus on your true desires and life goals and work towards meeting them using effective proven strategies. 

ADHD Coaching offers you personalised solutions to your life’s obstacles (bearing in mind how ADHD affects you and how to help manage and strategise your ADHD symptoms). ADHD Coaching gives you the empowerment, accountability and the guidance you need to reach your goals efficiently.

Our coaching uses evidence-based models, processes and strategies to get you to where you want to be as effectively as possible.

Whether you are at a crossroads, have a clear vision of where you want to go or have no clue how to improve your life- ADHD coaching will give you the clarity and confidence to make the changes that will matter the most.

Our ADHD Coaches


ADHD Coach and Founder of ADHD Mentors

After being referred for a diagnosis of ADHD at 33 I came to realise that so many of my life’s struggles had been largely down to ADHD without my prior awareness or diagnosis.  Since understanding how ADHD affects me I have been able to bring so much new awareness (and hyperfocus!) to myself and my life which has led me from my background in Health Care Science and Teaching to becoming an ADHD Coach and ADHD Tutor. I am driven to help others with ADHD reach their goals in the most effective way possible whilst navigating the chaos of life. After all we aren’t taught these life skills so we need to take control and develop them for ourselves in order to succeed!



  • Bachelor of Science ( BSc Hons) Biomedical Science
  • Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)
  • Certified Coach
I am also proud to be an ADHD Coach at The ADHD Advocate. 

How ADHD Coaching Can Help


Develop strategies to help you remain motivated.


Live life in integrity with who you really are.


Learn how to select daily objectives that matter most.


Learn the easy way to get started on any task.


Build life habits to help you feel more calm and incontrol.


Learn how to refocus and gain clarity on your goals.

Time management

Learn time management skills effective for ADHD minds.

Guilt and shame

Redirect feelings of hopelessness and your inner critique into positive action.

Anxiety and Stress

Learn healthy ways to deals with and reduce stress and anxiety.

Negative Self-Talk

Learn ways to help quiet the negative self talk that holds you back.

Nutrition and Health

Diet and exercise habits focused on long-term, sustainable well being.


Become aware of how ADHD impacts your relationships and how you can improve relationships in your life.

Take control of your life and make the most of the incredible talents your ADHD brain has to offer

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